About me

Theoretical physicist

I currently work in the Service de physique théorique at Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium, as a postdoctoral researcher. My studies are centred on various aspects of dark matter phenomenology.

When I am not working I enjoy skiing, running, cycling, swimming, dancing, practicing judo or watching sport (judo, biathlon, rugby). I also love to cook (pastries only!) and I (try to) play guitar. Lately I have tried my hand at photography. Since young I have been interested in computer sciences.



Dark Matter: Theoretical Cosmology, Particle physics, Astrophysics, Gravitational dynamics

My work is theoretical and focused on dark matter, one of the most puzzling mystery of the Universe, and its structuring at the (sub)galactic scale. My various projects are at the crossroad of different fields of high energy physics, from particle physics in the early Universe down to galactic dynamics through cosmological evolution of the matter density field and astrophysical observations.


Teaching ...

... and more

I had the pleasure to teach physics during my PhD (and before) at high school and university levels. Here you will find some ressources of my classes. I also gave several outreach presentation for various events: PhD pub Montpellier, University welcoming days, ... Do not hesitate to contact me for any possible project.